Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A homage to MGS4: Guns of the Patriots

It appears I start way too many projects, but this one is a follow up of that LEGO man with an AK-47. I'm planning on recreating the battle scene between Raiden and the Gekkos and Vamp. I really dig the LEGOs animation in the videogames and commercials, but I'm gonna go for a more stop-motion type animation. So everything will move according to the limitations LEGOs has placed on each parts; so no clavicle motion or spine bending on the LEGO man. I have some texture work to do on the characters, I'm looking forward to that. Oh and I wish had all these parts in real life, so that I can actually build it and see if it will physically stand upright; I'll look for the technics parts.

Updated cans

So here is an updated version of the Chairman Mao beer cans. I added color to the background so it doesn't get lost in all that black. Also I changed the label color to red cause the black label color seemed to get lost in the dark also and there'll be more contrast to the grayness of the can. Finally instead of using HDR, I actually lit it; I was always scared to light scenes, but this is just a simple three point lighting. I'll post more updates if and when changes are suggested to me.

Latest version: I just tweaked the "A Revolutionary Beer" on the horizontal can so that it is visible and legible. It's too bad alot of the colors get crunched down once you output as a JPEG.

Old version: I added a low intensity light at the bottom of the cans and I rendered the reflection as a separate pass, so that it can be tweaked in Photoshop.

Older version: The bottom of the cans were too dark and the reflections were too sharp.