Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A homage to MGS4: Guns of the Patriots

It appears I start way too many projects, but this one is a follow up of that LEGO man with an AK-47. I'm planning on recreating the battle scene between Raiden and the Gekkos and Vamp. I really dig the LEGOs animation in the videogames and commercials, but I'm gonna go for a more stop-motion type animation. So everything will move according to the limitations LEGOs has placed on each parts; so no clavicle motion or spine bending on the LEGO man. I have some texture work to do on the characters, I'm looking forward to that. Oh and I wish had all these parts in real life, so that I can actually build it and see if it will physically stand upright; I'll look for the technics parts.

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